Well since I'm only 15 I dont HAVE a wicked V-8 S-Series yet. Since I am pretty familar with cars, trucks and all that stuff I think the hardest part of the swap will be convencing my parents. My Stepdad doesn't really care but my Mom hates the idea. So it might not happen until I am out of university.I'll go through the mods that I hope to perform.

EngineThe engine will be a typical 355 Chevy. The short-block will include all the usual stuff with a nice streetable 10:1 compression. I think I will use the new Trick Flow heads because they flow really good, are really lite and are still pretty cheap.The intake will be a low-rise single-plane such as an Edelbrock Torker II or Weiand X-CELerator. The cam will be one of Summit's inhouse grinds with 224`/234` @ 0.050" with .465"/.488"lift or a SLP roller with simular specs. Crane roller rockers will make there way under the cast aluminum valve-covers. A  750CFM Holley Carb will mix the juices which will be fired by a Accel 300+. Hedman headers and an coated 2.5"exhaust with a couple of cats stolen from a Camaro will  send the spent gases to the MBRP mufflers.


I want I a 5-Speed but I dont want to spend a fortune (like a Richmond or Tremec that will be $1500)so I think a NV3500(also called Getrag MG)out of a fullsize truck will do the trick. It has an aluminum case with an integral bellhousing. They are supposedly stronger than the WC-T5 but I havent seen any exact figures. The rearend will proably be a GM 7.5" or maybe a 8.5" with  gears in the  3.08-3.55 range for lots of high-speed cruising, A Power-Trax Locker will eliminate a onewheel bigburnout.


The suspension will be lowered about 5 inches in the front and 6 inches in the rear. The front will get spindles, coil-overs, and tubular control arms while the rear will get a rear clip from a Third-Gen Camaro with all the trick parts including coil-overs. The frame will be fully boxed and a pair a custom sub-frame conectors built in. I might even throw in a cage in it. All this stuff will be custom made by me and my Stepdad.


The body will recieve a rear-roll pan(that is made out of fiberglass and chicken-wire) and a front bumper mask. All emblems will be shaved along with the gas filler door and tailgate handle. The bed cover will be a custom made and dzus fastened. A '91 grille with billet inserts might be added along with some more aerodynamic mirrors, think 454SS. I think I will paint my truck Charcol Grey which was used on S10s in the early 90s or a dark red that was also used in the early 90s or a generic dark blue color.


Now this is where things get wild. I think stock S-Series interiors are ugly so a custom sheetmetal/fiberglass dash(filled with Autometer gauges), center console, door panels, head liner, etc. will be used. I will use Kirkey Liteweight racing seats along with RCI harnesses. A Grant GT steering wheel will keep me "connected to the road" while I make killer bangshifts with a Hurst shifter using a custom handle.

Rolling Stock

I think I will use 16" Pontiac GTA wheels (the ones that have a gold center) with the center painted body color. I am unsure of what kind of tires I will use but they will more than likely be BFGoodrich Comp T/As and if I win the lottery I think a set of BBC Roadrace wheels and the widest rubber I can find will make it on to the truck.